Thanks to 2020, the nation has discovered a love for walking. For all of the great benefits it offers, from keeping up sane to keeping us in good physical health, walking can easily be combined into our daily activities. Within a short walk of both Heather Gardens and Kett’s Meadow, many amenities, including local schools, doctors surgery, convenience store and the Post Office can be reached. Why not try to walk some of your shorter journeys? Plan your walking route easily through Google Maps.

Why not use your active travel voucher to purchase some comfortable trainers to walk in or perhaps a fitness tracker to count your steps?!

The NHS recommends that everyone does 150- 300 minutes of physical activity that raises the heartbeat per week, or, do 75-150 minutes of vigorous activity. However, you may think that fitting that into your hectic schedule is hard to do so. But good news is that you don’t have to be a runner or play sport to feel the benefits of exercise – fitting a brisk walk into your day is good enough, a UK analysis suggests.

Our best tips to fitting in a brisk walk into your day – Active Travel! Can you swap your car journey to the shopping mall, city centre or your local grocery shop by a brisk walk instead?

Top 3 Benefits of Walking

  • Helps maintain body weight and lowers the risk of obesity;
  • Improves your mood and welling;
  • Encourages productivity and can increase creativity!

Leisure walks and runs close around Hethersett and the wider area…

Ladybelt Country Park
Located along Hethersett Road between the A11 and East Carleton village, this country park has some lovely walking routes. Also, a great spot for walking dogs (keep them on a lead though!) or having a family picnic! ladybeltcountrypark.wordpress.com

There are three different parkrun courses close to Heathersett; UEA Colney Lane, and Eaton Park. Why not join in for a fun and free 5k run at 9am on a Saturday morning – you’ll feel great afterwards! parkrun.org.uk

Local Footpaths
Open Street Map is an excellent resource for discovering local footpaths and routes in the area. An easy to read map including transport and cycling routes. openstreetmap.org

Issues in the local area?
Have you noticed an issue in the local area, such as overgrowth, damaged bus stop or obstructions? Did you know, you can report these directly to Norfolk County Council. You can also track the status of your report too.

Walk with others!
Would you prefer to walk with others for leisure purposes? The Norwich Ramblers are a mixed group of people who meet every weekend (when Government guidance allows). Visit Norwich Ramblers for more information including walks that start in Hethersett.

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