Cycling is a great alternative to walking when there is an increased distance to travel and now with e-bikes, you can travel even further, effortlessly.
Heather Gardens and Kett’s Meadow are located around 7 miles from Norwich city centre, making cycling an efficient mode of travel. There is now an off-road cycle route along Norwich Road taking you to Thickthorn (there are off-road routes around Thickthorn too). You can then continue your journey into the city centre mainly off road. To plan your cycle route, visit

Why not use your active travel voucher for a new cycle helmet or bicycle lock?

Feeling a little rusty?
If you’re looking to gain confidence on a bike or even get your children started up to join your bike rides, there are some great cycle training companies around. Little Riders for children or Smart Cycle Training for adults or family sessions. The instructors can help work out the best route for your journey if you want to cycle somewhere specific and will ride that route with you until you are feeling confident!
Find out more and book your sessions: Little Riders UK or Smart Cycle Training.

Useful Links and Cycling Resources

Keep track of your cycle journeys and share with friends and family! Available for free on iOS and Android devices.

Norwich Cycling Campaign
A local campaign to improve cycling infrastructure. NCC was founded in 1990 and aims to promote cycling as both a means of transport and a recreational activity.

Norwich Cycle Map
Download the latest Norwich Cycling Route map from the Norwich City Council website. The map also details cycle parking in the city centre and cycle shops.

Say hello to Beryl!

Two Beryl Bays are now available outside the Hethersett Village Hall and the Library, so you can travel to Norwich and Wymondham via E-Bike or E-Scooter, just set up an account and verify your driving license (includes provisional license) to view the map and get going! Find out more information on their website.

Need a new bike?
If you’re in need of a new bike and cycling accessories, why not join a cycle to work scheme? There are many available – just ask your employer to see if they are already signed up to a scheme. Cycle to work schemes are a Government initiative which allows you to save up to 39% on the cost of a new bike and accessories. Cycle Scheme is one of the most common options and you can find more information on their website.

For cycling guidance and advice, head to the Bike is Best website. Not only does this website have a vast amount of information to get you started, but it also allows you to take a cycling pledge to keep motivated!

Does your bike need a little TLC?
If your bike need a little check over before you get on your way, YouTube has some great tutorials and tips to get started with.

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Whatever your cycling ability, here is some advice and top tips to keep you pedalling.

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